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Op Sint Maarten wonen verschillende schrijvers.


Lasane M. Sekou is een dichter, schrijver van korte verhalen, essayist, journalist en publisist die op 12 januari 1959 werd geboren op Sint Maarten.


Love Songs Make You Cry -Second Edition (2014)

Brotherhood of the Spurs (1997, 2007)

Love Songs Make You Cry (1989)


Book of The Dead (2016)

Maroon Lives Tribute to Maurice Bishop & Grenadian Freedom Fighters. Revolution As Poetic Inspiration: Grenada in Maroon Lives (2013)

Musa desnuda – Selección, introducción y notas Emilio Jorge Rodríguez (2011)

Corazón de pelícano – Antología poética de Lasana M. Sekou/Pelican Heart – An Anthology of Poems by Lasana M. Sekou Edited by Emilio Jorge Rodríguez (2010)

37 Poems (2005)

The Salt Reaper – Poems from the flats (2004, 2005)

Quimbé … The Poetics of Sound (1991)

Mothernation – Poems from 1984 to 1987 (1991)

Nativity & Monologues For Today (1988)

Born Here (House of Nehesi) (1986)

Maroon Lives … For Grenadian Freedom Fighters (1983)

Moods for Isis – Picturepoems of Love & Struggle (1978)


Big Up St. Martin – Essay & Poem (1999)


The Salt Reaper – selected poems from the flats. Moutain Dove Records (2009)


Tanny & The Boys. Fête – The First Recording of Traditional St. Martin Festive Music. Mountain Dove Records (1992, 2007)

Edited publications

Where I See The Sun – Contemporary Poetry in the Virgin Islands (2016)

Where I See The Sun – Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla (2015)

Where I See The Sun – Contemporary Poetry in St. Martin (2013)

St. Martin Massive! A Snapshot of Popular Artists (2000)

Gassy – Champion Cyclist (1999)

Chester York – Making of A Panman (1999)

National Symbols of St. Martin – A Primer (1996, 1997)

Fête – Celebrating St. Martin Traditional Festive Music (1992, 2007)

The Independence Papers – Reading on a New Political Status for St. Maarten/St. Martin, Volume 1 (1990)